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University Materials Institute


The University Materials Institute of Alicante (IUMA) was created in 2001. The objectives of the Institute as well as a brief description of the groups that form it may be found in this page. A total of five research groups conform the Institute out of five Departments of the University of Alicante (Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Applied Physics, Optics, Pharmacology, and Anatomy, and Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Bromatology) reflecting in a conclusive way the needed multidisciplinary character of the materials area. It is important to highlight the fact that groups out of five departments take place in the endeavour, with a total of 42 professionals, three of them Ramón y Cajal Fellows. On the other hand, a significant part of the members of the Institute participate in the Materials Science PhD program which is imparted at the UA.

Scientific research in the Materials Science and Technology area which is carried out at the University of Alicante (UA) has experienced a noticeable increase in the last ten years. The topics on which research is being conducted cover aspects in Materials Science and Technology that range from purely applied to purely fundamental. In order to illustrate the basic aspect of research in materials that is under development at the UA the existence, since 1996 of an Associated Unit to the CSIC through the Department of Theory of the Condensed Matter of the Institute of Materials Science in Madrid should be highlighted. It should be mentioned that in the last renewal of such association the objectives of the unit were expanded, including experimental researchers. On the other hand, the applied character of this research is sufficiently illustrated by the two pilot plants which the UA possesses, were projects on the industrial scale are carried out, some of them related to the Materials research area.

The industry sector has a considerable relevance in the province of Alicante. A large part of this industrial activity is related to diverse aspects of Materials Science and Technology: raw materials, materials extraction, processing, and fabrication of the end products. A prominent example of this important activity is the multinational firm Alcoa which has one of its Spanish plants in Alicante, as well as one of its European Research Facilities in Europe. This enterprise is one of the most important in the province and its activity, aluminum and its alloys extraction and processing, in completely focused on the materials area. Alcoa has subscribed a framework agreement with the University of Alicante and a specific convention on the fabrication of metal matrix composite materials. Likewise, the development of materials of potential usefulness for contamination control both in gas and liquid phase (adsorbents, catalysts,...), is another area of great interest in the province and the region of Comunidad Valenciana which constitutes another example of the relevance of research on Materials Science and Technology.


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