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University institute of Material

Award young researchers IUMA-2013



The University Materials Institute of Alicante (IUMA), as agreed in the meeting of the Permanent Council Commission of the IUMA held 18/10/2013, invites young researchers for an award with the following characteristics.


1. Contestants must be young doctors who have defended their thesis after 1 January of the year 2009.

2. Contestants must complete the following form which shall be accompanied by a work, in PDF format, in the area of science and technology of materials that have been published (or is accepted) in a prestigious journal. In addition, must deliver, also in PDF format, your curriculum vitae.


The winner of the 1st Edition of young researchers IUMA-2013 was ANDRÉS CASTELLANOS GÓMEZ.


Finalistas Premio Jóvenes Investigadores IUMA -2013 acto de entrega de diplomasGanador Premio Jóvenes Investigadores IUMA -2013I EDICIÓN PREMIO JÓVENES INVESTIGADORES IUMA2013. CONMEMORIACIÓN 10 AÑOS DE IUMA


1. A Commission appointed by the IUMA (annex 1) for this purpose will select three contestants (finalists) who will have to present their research work the day 22/01/2014 at the start of the X Scientific Conference of the University Institute of materials that will be held on 23 and 24 January de2014.

2. Each of the finalists will make an oral presentation of their work, which will be public and will last for 40 min, no restrictions on the duration of question time. Two experts in the areas of the works presented will be stimulate questions.

3. Will be awarded the prize to the candidate who obtains the highest resulting score of the following contributions:

  1. 40% Of the experts referred to in paragraph 2.
  2. 40% Of the Commission referred to in 1.
  3. 20% Of the vote carried out by the doctors present at the talk.

The assessment shall take into account the quality of the work presented and the knowledge demonstrated by the candidates in the area of research. In addition, in the valuation corresponding to subparagraph (b), the curriculum vitae of the candidates be taken into account.


1. The prize winner will receive the sum of 2000 euros. (this amount will apply you the withholding tax according to the current legislation in Spain).

2. In addition, the three finalists credited them travel expenses up to a maximum of %u20AC300 including his assistance (if desired) to the days of the IUMA.


Deadline for reception of the research work: December 10, 2013. The resolution of the selection process will be communicated to participants before the January 8, 2014

Acceptance of the rules

Participation in this call implies the total acceptance of these rules.

All the information relating to this award will be published in WEB address.

For any questions or queries please in the direction or phone 965909820


The Commission appointed by the Council of the IUMA for resolution of the awards young investigators IUMA-2013 is:

Antonio Canals Hernandez

Diego Cazorla-Amorós

Henry Louis Cereceda

Francisco Montilla Jimenez

Antonio Sepulveda Escribano