CSIC Associated Unit


In 1996 the University of Alicante (UA) signed an agreement with the CSIC to recognize the groups of Condensed Matter Theory (Department of Applied Physics) and Quantum Chemistry (Department of Physical Chemistry) of the UA as constituents of an Associated Unit with the CSIC through its Institute of Materials Science of Madrid (ICMM). The agreement was to formalize a collaboration that dated back at least ten years between the aforementioned groups and different components of the ICMM Condensed Matter Theory group.

The agreement is renewed every three years, the last renewal being on June 10, 2019.

The research staff of the University of Alicante that is part of the aforementioned Associated Unit is (note that almost all are part of the IUMA groups):


Emilio San-Fabián Maroto
Pedro José Boj Giménez
Mª José Caturla Terol
Guillermo Chiappe Acosta
María Díaz García
Joaquín Fernández Rossier
Albert Guijarro Pastor
José Miguel Molina Jordá
Enrique Louis Cereceda
Carlos Untieldt Lecuona
José Moisés Villalvilla Soria
The research staff of the CSIC Institute of Materials Sciences in Madrid which collaborates with the aforementioned Associated Unit is:
José Antonio Vergés Brotons
Ramón Aguado Sola
Luis Brey Abalo
Carlos Herrero Aisa
Rafael Ramírez Merino
Eduardo Robert R. Hernández
Pedro de Andrés Rodríguez