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Elecciones 2018

During the council of the University Materials Institute of Alicante (IUMA) held on 17/10/2018 the election process in order to re-elect the eligible members of the Council was started, thus approving the  Election calendar and having been elected the following members of the Election Commission:

President: Antonio Sepúlveda Escribano

Acting President: Pedro Boj Giménez

Students (Head member): Carlos Cuadrado Collados

Students (Acting member): Wynand  Dednam

PAS (Secretary of the Commission) Francisco Javier Medina Ruiz

The electoral Commission constituted on 22/10/2018 with the members, according to the electoral calendar proceeds today 22/10/2016 to the publication of the censuses of the collectives involved.

According to the data protection act and the recommendation received from the legal service and the computing service, is communicated to stakeholders as the administrative secretariat of the University Institute (2nd  floor of the Faculty of Science, Building II, inside the Applied Physics department) are the censuses of the 4 groups for the consultation of interested parties from today until Friday 26/10/2018.

We remind that the groups due to renew their representatives are the following:

Census staff non-doctor researcher

Census research personnel in training

Census personnel of administration and services

Census of students


Once the censuses have been published the period to make any claims is opened. This period will be open from October 27th to 28th. Any claim must be presented in a written statement directed to the President of the Election Committee indicating at the registry office that the form should be sent to the IUMA Administrative Secretariat.

During this period people belonging to 2 different groups (students-PAS, student- non-doctor researcher, student- research personnel in training) must be submitted in written form to which group they wish to be assigned during the election process. Those who do not submit their preference will be included in the group having the fewer members in the Final Census.

Once the periods for claims and the period for voluntary adscription to a given group for those persons belonging to two groups are finished, the final census for each group has now been made public and may be consulted at the University of Alicante Materials Institute secretariat.

From tomorrow 06/11/2018 until 12/11/2018 inclusive those individuals interested may present their candidacy per group. In order to do this they must fill this form and submit it to the President of the Election Commitee once it has gone through the registry office.

Once the deadline for the presentation of candidates has expired as expressed by the President of the Electoral Committee

The candidate Victoria Pilar Gómez Maestro is provisionally proclaimed candidate for the personnel of administration and services census.

and it is remarked that the following candidacies have been received past the allotted deadline:

Census STAFF NON-DOCTOR RESEARCHER: Javier Quílez Bermejo

Census students: Borja Ferrández Gómez

Having been presented after the deadline, these candidacies are considered void. Lacking any provisional candidates for these censuses.

A period between 19-11 and 21-11 both included is now open. If during this period there is any claim from any candidate from any census who may have presented his/her candidacy in time and form, and had it not reached the IUMA technical secretariat due to time constraints, it will be included in the corresponding census.

Once the claims period has finished without having received any claims to the preliminary annoucement of candidates, the final listing of candidates is hereby published.

For the census of personnel of administration and services the candidate is Victoria Pilar Gómez Maestro

The rest of censuses will remain without representatives.

Being the number of candidates equal to that of representatives in the census of personnel of administration and services it is hereby indicated that the voting day is no longer necessary.






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