Cartel Jornadas Cientificas IUMA 2017The 2017 Scientific Conference of the IUMA will take place on January 19 and 20 in the Germán Bernácer Guilding Main Hall

The program .

Participating invited speakers are:

Antonio Guerrero Castillejo

Advanced Materials Institute. Universitat Jaume I (España)

Senentxus Lanceros Mendez

Physics Department. Universidad del Miño (Portugal)

Manuel Melle Franco.

Aveiro Materials Institute. Universidad de Aveiro (Portugal)

Guido Mul

Institute for Nanotechnology. Universidad de Twente, Enschede (Paises Bajos)

Paul Anthony Wright

School of Chemistry. Universidad de St.Andrews (Reino Unido)



List of posters which will be showcased during the 2017 ScientificConference of the IUMA

Lunch on January 19 will be served in the Mar i Terra Restaurant of the UA Club Social I. Menú


Activity Funded by the Generalitat Valenciana

 On January 18 in the Germán Bernácer Building Main Hall the Conference of PhD students in the Materials Science program will take place Program