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Award Young Researches IUMA-2017


The winner of the III Edition of the Young Prize Researcher IUMA has been Juan Aragó March

The University Materials Institute of Alicante (IUMA), as agreed in the Meeting of the Permanent Committee of the IUMA Council celebrated on 12/06/2017, calls for candidates to opt for a prize for young researchers in order to reward and motivate research in the Area of Materials Science and Technology.


The candidates will have to be young PhDs that have defended their Thesis in the period between January 1st 2012 and December 31st 2016.


From 05/09/2017 to

The candidates that would like to participate in this announcement will have to fill up the form enabled in the following URL:

Preliminary list of accepted candidates

Final list of accepted candidates

and attach

-A scientific article of of which the candidate is author or co-author. Said article has to present a research work in the area of Materials Science and Technology and have been published (or be accepted) in a magazine of the field.

-A Curriculum Vitae in PDF format in which at least the following information should be given: studies, research results (articles (with indications of quality of the publication), patents, communications to conferences, etc.) and other notable merits.


A commission appointed by the IUMA (ANNEX 1) to such effect, will select three researchers from among all the applicants that will have to present their research work on 17/01/2018 at the start of the XIV Scientific Days of the Alicante University Institute of Materials that will be celebrated on January 18 and 19 2018.

The resolution of the selection process of the three finalists will be made on 1 December 2017.

By instruction of the commission the list of the three finalist candidates is hereby published on 28/11/2017.

The final phase of the III Edition of the IUMA Young Researchers Award 2017wil take place on Wednesday 17/01/2018 at 16:00 in the Germán Bernácer building.

Meet our finalists

Each of the three selected researchers will give an oral presentation of their work, that will be public and will have a length of 40 min, not restricting the length in discussion.

Two experts in the fields of the works presented will be responsible for encouraging discussion during the turn of questions.

The prize will be awarded to the candidate that obtains the highest score in the following sections:

To) 40%, assessment of the experts mentioned in the third paragraph of the section Selection of Candidates.

b) 40%, assessment of the commission mentioned in the first paragraph of the separated Selection of Candidates.

c) 20% from the votes cast by the doctors present during the presentations.

The assessment will take into account the quality of the work presented and the knowledge showed by the candidates in the research area. Besides, in the assessment corresponding to section b, the CV of th candidates will be also considered.


1.- The winner of the award will receive 1200 euros (to this quantity the tax retentions according to the legislation in Spain will be applied).

2.- The two finalists will receive 400 euros each (to this quantity the tax retentions according to the legislation in Spain will be applied).

The three selected researchers  will have their travel costs covered up to 300€, including their assistance (should they wish it) to the Scientific Meeting of the Alicante University Institute of Materials.



The Commission appointed by the council of the IUMA for the resolution of the III IUMA Young Researchers Award-2017 is:


Enrique Louis Cereceda

Ángel Berenguer Murcia

Juan Carlos Sancho García

Joaquín Silvestre Albero

Lorena Vidal Martínez

Should you have any doubts concerning this call, contact the University Materials Institute by mail